Enhance Academia

Professors are tasked with teaching students the theory of project management while exposing them to the art and science of project management. Together with the classroom experience, our simulation will help students improve their skills and reduce the potential for costly mistakes, while exposing them to a wide range of project scenarios they may encounter in the real world.

Using the PMBOK® Guide as the foundation, our project management simulation allows students to apply theory to practice by running a project from beginning to end, all while providing students with rich multimedia experiences to master theoretical concepts.

During a simulation run, there are NO lectures or quizzes. Instead, students learn through experience by receiving feedback from the simulation guide or through the interaction of the simulation stakeholders based on the decisions made during the project. This virtual method is the most realistic approach to how project managers learn in the real world, by trial and error, except running this simulation will not affect a person's career or reputation due to any mistakes. Thus, this method also prepares students to take on the role of project manager. In addition, there are other interactive activities students will complete, thus engaging in real project management issues and gaining real project management experience.

At the end of every simulation run, each student receives a scorecard out of 100 based on how well they applied the concepts of the PMBOK® Guide  to a project. This information can be used to assess how well students are applying theory to practice, as well as to adjust the course curriculum to allow for better student comprehension of the concepts taught in class.

How Does It Work


Before the academic course begins, the approved instructor contacts Double Masters to set up an academic simulation session.


Payment method is determined, either the university will pay for the simulation session or the students will be required to purchase access as part of their course materials.


A Session ID and Access Code are then associated with the simulation session. Students will need these codes in order to register for the simulation and receive student pricing, if they are paying for access to the simulation.

Integrating the Simulation

The Double Masters academic version simulation is offered on-demand via the web and can be run whenever convenient for the student or instructor. This means there is no software to download or manage and the simulation can be accessed from any computer in the world, as long as there is reliable Internet connectivity. With this model, there is no need to go through a school's bookstore, as access is made directly through the Double Masters’ website. The process is simple and straighforward.

Running the simulation as a supplement to academic coursework is no different than any homework assignment. Once the simulation session is set up, Double Masters will provide an email with instructions on how to access the simulation. If the students pay for the access, they register and pay at that time via PayPal™. When the school pays directly, Double Masters will set up the details and work with the university billing department.

We want each of our instructors to be successful and will support them throughout their simulation run. The instructor can run the simulation simultaneously with their students and also assess their students' performances via the scorecard. The instructor can monitor every decision a student makes, as well as have access to mail and documents read, schedule and budget data, EVM metrics, and decisions made.

To learn how to integrate the simulation in your project management course, press the button below and provide the following information:

  • Instructor's name, email and associated university
  • Name of course and department of studies
  • Indicate if the course is at the graduate or undergraduate level
  • Indicate if you intend to use the simulation in a group setting or for individual use
  • Briefly describe your needs