Alexandra Zouncourides-Lull

Principal and Co-Founder

Alexandra had the original idea for Double Masters after completing her MBA and receiving her Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification. She realized that although there were great learning materials available to assist project managers in achieving the PMP certification, there was little focus on how to best apply this knowledge to the real world.

Through her experience as a project manager in various roles at software companies in the Boston area, she understood the value of experience and how it allowed her to better leverage her PMP. For many new PMPs, however, they have limited experience in applying their credential to their career. Furthermore, many project managers, with or without the PMP, simply don’t know how to apply the standard to practice. The best way, in her opinion, to demonstrate the relationship between standards and practice is through a simulation, and thus the company was formed.

Alexandra holds several academic degrees, including a MA in French Translation, MBA, and the PMP certification.

Jack Lull

Principal and Co-Founder

Jack has worked in the software industry in the Boston area since the early 1980’s, serving in a senior management position for several successful startups. He started out as a programmer and eventually worked his way up to the executive level within engineering organizations. Along the way, he has worked with a wide range of technologies including mainframe databases and applications, client-server and Internet development tools, archived storage, and access governance security.

Jack holds a MS in Computer Science as well as an MBA.

Nancy Wilkinson

Instructional Designer

Nancy has partnered on projects with Double Masters since 2009, when she was an Instructional Designer at the Project Management Institute (PMI)® working with Registered Educational Providers (R.E.P.s) to develop new courses. In 2012, she left PMI to work as an instructional design consultant, and continues to work with Double Masters as well as other clients to develop training projects, e-learning courses, and simulations.

Nancy holds an MBA, Graduate Certifications in Project Management and Instructional Design, and the PMP certification.

Elaine Jackson

Corporate Trainer

Elaine is an accomplished speaker with more than 17 years leadership experience with Toastmasters. Her passion to help project managers deliver their best on projects reflects in the creative programs she offers for Double Masters. As Chief Learning Officer at HolisticPMC, she delivers project management and sustainability workshops for PMI chapters, supports PMP training and coaches and mentors teams.

Elaine holds a BS in Biology, the GPM-b Certification in Sustainability and the PMP certification.