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Simulations in Action - Practical Applications

Up until recently, the only effective way for aspiring and current project managers to practice their project management skills has been to work on real, live projects. Although this is the best way to learn, not everyone has the opportunity to lead complex projects. Even when the opportunity is available to lead a project, lack of training or experience can lead to failure that can have a negative effect on the project and project manager's career.

Just like flying an airplane, managing a large project is comprised of hundreds - if not thousands - of interrelated, complex tasks that must be managed in concert to ensure success and prevent failure. As pilots are trained to fly an array of aircraft and read different types of flight instruments, project managers need to be exposed to different project scenarios and learn to use different tools and techniques to manage those projects. For example, airline pilots undergo hundreds of hours training on simulators before they can start logging their flight time in order to gain experience as a pilot. Since you would never board and aircraft with an inexperienced pilot, taking on a project without the proper training or experience could be disastrous.

Double Masters envisions a future where all project managers, just like airplane pilots, will train on virtual simulators to improve their skills, reduce the potential for costly errors, and successfully deliver projects on time and on budget.

Pilots use simulators to develop their skills and practice real-world scenarios. Why shouldn't you benefit from the same tools?

Partner with Our Simulation Experts

Don't spend thousands of dollars and countless hours simply memorizing facts, formulas, and methodologies. Invest in your future - or your company's future - by utilizing a simulation that helps refine your skills through practice and application. Double Masters offers you a choice of prebuilt simulations, or we can build one to meet the unique requirements of your organization. Browse our selection of prebuilt simulations, or contact us today to discuss your needs.